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You have the best intentions but as you try to do it all, you keep coming back you back to 1-question:

Is this what I am doing with my time?

Keep It Super Simple was formed to help you avoid being overwhelmed, allowing you to delegate engagement in your social  media, administrative tasks, and to allow you time to do what’s really important to you. We truly operate from a place of sincerity and authenticity. Our foremost aim is to support, encourage, and partner in your successes.

KISS (Keep It Super Simple) Virtual Services , like many businesses, was started with a passion for doing what I love. This passion started at an early age with compiling household budgets into spreadsheets and creating programs for events. In that, I found that those overlooked minor tasks helped most people the most at a time when they needed it most. That created my love of Administrative work. I have made that love my career for the past 20 plus years, and as a labor, I have extended it to KISS.


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