Who Are You Nakia?

I don’ t know these days but I have been struggling with “What have I done” Syndrome. I started this business without a clue as to what I am doing, (I know what I am doing Services wise, lol).  I was inundated with information, learning, and systems that I had never heard of let alone knew how to implement and use. 

Facebook Groups abound, I was a member of about 20 Groups related to Virtual Assisting. All were helpful but very few provided the substance needed to take me from “deer in headlights” to “Hi I’m Mrs. Whittaker-Woody Virtual Assistant Services”.

I eventually found a set of resources, be it group, coach, mentor, sisters that has enable me to finally be able to move forward so that I can work on being successful. I know who I am.

I have struggled with my online persona, with multiple people lamenting on how I need to change my logo. But I held out because it was a first for me, I created that logo you see on all my branding. It represents me, the Geek who loves her PC and Desktop Publishing. And its has my 2-W’s which most people assume is my Wonder Woman symbol, but it actually stands for my last name. I know that when you see that bright Pink Computer with the 2-WW’s, that when you see me, I am Nakia Whittaker-Woody, proud Owner of Mrs. Whittaker-Woody V A Services.

I am apologetically me, I am honest to a fault, but I can and will work my butt off to present quality service and an experience for any clients I may have.

That is who I am. 

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