Failure is delay, not defeat

Denis Waitley

But failure can feel like defeat, especially when you are new to something such as owning your own business. I am confident in my skills, they have paid the bills for the last 20 + years in addition to all the accolades. So why when I get a client lead, I feel as though I go into hibernation before I can work up the nerve to respond? Where do you go for the insight to know that you got this?

Confidence sells. Stop Wondering if you’re good enough, Know you are

Simon Black

I am the most forward person, I get things done, so where does that confidence come from that is different from the #confidence for my business?
I am Wonder Woman in my own Mind, I have tackled teen pregnancy, single parenthood, mental illness, being a college dropout all while holding down a steady job. I have the skills to pay the bills, I know this. There is not a MS Word, Adobe Form, Canva Graphic, Social Media Scheduler, WordPress Blog that I can’t manage, so what is my hold up? I am absolutely scared out of my mind to #fail.

I am the overachiever you all heard about, no matter the hurdle in my life, I jumped it and kept going. I am always looking for ways to increase my knowledge, education, ability to overachieve just because it’s a part of who I am. I take pride in being an overachiever, I expect greatness. Train your child from infancy, my parents instilled in me this need to be the best, and I still strive for that even though they don’t really expect it anymore.

So what am I doing? I have a business mentor, I am taking classes, I am in an apprenticeship, I still read incessantly, all while working my 9-5. So what more can I do? My next step is to talk to my PDoc, while I don’t want pills for everything, maybe a medication can assist until such time as my comfort level increases and its no longer an source of anxiety. I am also going to talk to a mentor in regards to Mindset Strategy coaching. In addition to trying meditation.

What strategies do you use to combat business related anxiety?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know?

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