Administrative & Organizational Management
Starts at $1800
From inbox/email management to Canva designs, we supercharge your operations. Together, let's revolutionize your business for efficiency and effectiveness!
Community Management
Starts at $975 a month
5 hour minimum commitment,
Minimum 3-month contract
Project Management
Package Depends on Scope of Work
Navigate your projects efficiently with KISS—from task initiation to completion. We’re here to empower your project implementation, for remarkable results!
Custom Consultations
Empower your business with KISS! Get your free consultation today to dive into custom strategies built on collaboration. Let's achieve greatness as a team!
A la carte Services
Starting at $65 an hour, with a limited task list and a maximum of 20 hours.
Experience empowering flexibility with KISS's a la carte services. Hand-pick your assistance to amplify your business's potential today! Let's innovate together.
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