So as you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of continued education. So yes, I have coaching sessions still that help me to adjust the trajectory of my life at times. And such a session happened recently. I was stuck again, on what to post for social media as I wanted to start 2020 off with consistent content to gain visibility.

Here comes LAW, with her usual way of prodding me into niching down to my passion which I am never at a loss of words for Mental Health. So while I love to serve all, I really want to assist mental health coaches. Another coach I know this week help me to see that it was also love and passion that will sustain you when the money may not be there.

Thank You


This week, no THIS YEAR, has been amazing for me.

First, this week I was accepted as an Administrative Professional Conference (APC) Advisory Council Member. Whoo Hoo! So honored and excited

Last year, I battled Imposter Syndrome and Anxiety with my business but with the help of my friend LG, I was able to stifle that and move on to being a great partner in business as well as an asset to my clients.

Here’s looking forward to 2020

It has been a WEEK!


I can say I made it again with persistence & prayer. This week was especially busy, with new clients, a family funeral, medical procedure, my full time job, kids, shall I continue, lol. But looking at Friday, today, I can say that everything was executed. I was worried around Wednesday when my newsletter for VASL was still not written but somehow it just came to me and I was able to put it together. 

Things will always be in a state of flux but having systems and things in place help you to always succeed in delivering as planned. 

I am grateful to my husband and business partner for their continued support and keeping me grounded.

Know Your Self

This week has been a roller coaster of things to do and keep up with and the crazy thing is that I LOVED IT ALL! All until my partner mistakenly added a to-do to my calendar and I woke up in a panic that maybe I took on too much because I totally didn’t know what this appointment was.


It was a reminder for her, so the morale is know your calendar and be CALM!

Keep It Super Simple


Nothing like a semi-permanent break to get the juices flowing again. Took some time off to get to celebrate Graduation with the my youngest and refocus on my brand. As you can see its Keep It Super Simple now.

All over the place….but still focused

Today seems hard, because I forgot to take my meds and have drank too much coffee, but while my focus seems off because of my ADHD diagnosis, I am more focused than ever. I have completed the rebranding of Mrs. Whittaker-Woody V A Services to KISS Virtual Services. I have a clarity of where I want to take the business and a drive to know I can do this. My personal life is in a good place, as well as my kid being on track to get her goals accomplished this June and beyond.

Just like a little kid, I am sitting her with baited breath as I wait until the clock strikes so I can leave and go be a kid at the movies with the family. Life is good although things are hard.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. 
–Joseph Campbell

Beyond Blessed

Oh, I forgot to mention that I got my FIRST CLIENT!!!!!

Yep, a friend/associate that I am in the company of on alot of occasions saw my potential and reached out to make me her Virtual Assistant. I am beyond blessed that my business dreams are starting to take hold. Dedication has been easy for me because I honestly have a love for all that I am doing but it has caused some ruffled feathers with the kid, let me say. But the combination of dreams, dedication, and prayer have given me a great start to my next chapter in this journey.

And then it was over!

Today I faced a major fear, In Person Networking. I worked on prepping for the last week,

  • getting new brochures,
  • business cards,
  • practicing my Elevator Pitch,
  • picking the right outfit,
  • deciding on what to do with my hair,
  • what shoes to wear

And then in the moment, the Elevator Pitch eluded me, my feet hurt, I had a hot flash, I was too hot in my coat, but I conquered the task. I didn’t flake out and just not go, I went and I initiated contact with other vendors, I deployed my plan of action and spoke to who I came to see. 

Virtual Assistant should see an uptick in Google tonight, as nobody is checking for us as resources to their businesses.

I did Good and then it was over, but I left a mark for sure.


Success is relative. I am a success. Although I have been treading water in my business due to confidence issues, I am still a success for just starting. I am a success in raising two daughters, who although not the perfect childhood can both attest that they wanted for nothing in any arena that I had control over. I am a success in my career, winning awards, being innovative, mentoring and being valued. Who could ask for more at a place of employment? I am a success for just being ME! Many people struggle with knowing who they are, who they want to be, and where they are going in life. I have been and am blessed.

I never dreamed of this lifestyle and it has been a labor of love, but I am here and I am not going anywhere. Its the all or nothing for me from here on out.

Who Are You Nakia???

Who Are You Nakia?

I don’ t know these days but I have been struggling with “What have I done” Syndrome. I started this business without a clue as to what I am doing, (I know what I am doing Services wise, lol).  I was inundated with information, learning, and systems that I had never heard of let alone knew how to implement and use. 

Facebook Groups abound, I was a member of about 20 Groups related to Virtual Assisting. All were helpful but very few provided the substance needed to take me from “deer in headlights” to “Hi I’m Mrs. Whittaker-Woody Virtual Assistant Services”.

I eventually found a set of resources, be it group, coach, mentor, sisters that has enable me to finally be able to move forward so that I can work on being successful. I know who I am.

I have struggled with my online persona, with multiple people lamenting on how I need to change my logo. But I held out because it was a first for me, I created that logo you see on all my branding. It represents me, the Geek who loves her PC and Desktop Publishing. And its has my 2-W’s which most people assume is my Wonder Woman symbol, but it actually stands for my last name. I know that when you see that bright Pink Computer with the 2-WW’s, that when you see me, I am Nakia Whittaker-Woody, proud Owner of Mrs. Whittaker-Woody V A Services.

I am apologetically me, I am honest to a fault, but I can and will work my butt off to present quality service and an experience for any clients I may have.

That is who I am. 

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