Nakia D. Whittaker-Woody


I’m Nakia Dawn Whittaker-Woody, a 20+ year Administrative Professional, and a servant-hearted person who loves to assist others. She currently still works full time as a Facilities Coordinator while running her Virtual Assistant business, being a panelist on a podcast, Soultiful, and co-moderating a group of Aspiring Virtual Assistants called Virtual Assistant Sister Learning. 

I started my love of admin at an early age gaining an allowance by compiling budget spreadsheets and creating documents for family and friends. 

I decided to become an Entrepreneur, as an Administrative Virtual Assistant to pass on my skills and knowledge, because I absolutely love what I do and want to help others succeed.



My personal interests include:

  • DIY Projects


  •  Comic Book Based Movies


  • Mental Health Advocate


  • Art


  • Gadgets


  • Football/Basketball


  • Old School Hip Hop/Trap Music




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