Nakia D. Whittaker-Woody


I’m a twenty + year Office Administrative Professional, living in Richmond, Virginia.  I currently work full time as an RCM Administrative Assistant and Certified Reliability Leader, in the Corporate Facilities Maintenance field.

You have a problem that I know I can solve for you. What is holding you back from getting a Virtual Assistant to help with those Administrative and Social Media pain points? Let’s Talk!  I promise no fluff, just good old fashioned conversation on how we can get you some more hours in the day to do things you actually enjoy.

I absolutely love what I do and want to help others with my skills, knowledge, and passion.

My other interests include:

  • DIY,

  • Comic Book Based Movies,

  • Mental Health Advocacy

  • Art

  • Gadgets

  • Football/Basketball

  • Old School Hip Hop Music

See the trend of being a Proud Geek/Nerd? I love it.

Feel free to book an Appointment for Services or stop by to say hello through any of my social media links.

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