Legend/Myths: story coming down from the past although not verifiable

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Over the past 15 years the term Virtual Assistant has evolved but the Myths remain thus keeping most business owners in the perils of despair when they could have easily delegated the work to a Virtual Assistant.

Today, I hope to dispel those myths and make a Legend.

Myth #1

Myth #1 A VA Can only Answer Phones

A Virtual Assistant can only answer phones. While they can answer phones, they can do so much more. In todays market there are many niches to choose from, which allows you to have choices and options as to what type of Virtual Assistant services you subscribe to. One Size Does Not Fit All. And you don’t have to have only one VA. Get as many as you need, a General Administrative to answer those phones, monitor email, etc. and A Social Media VA to manage your social media presence and growing your followers.

Niche: A Specialized Market, a place, employment status to which a person is best fitted.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

List of Common Virtual Assistant Niches

  • General Administrative VA
  • Social Media VA
  • Online Marketing VA
  • Online Business Manager (OBM)
  • Graphic Design VA
  • Blog VA

Myth#2 Any Assistant will do

Each person assuredly is going to have their own skillset and personality. All VA’s are not the same just like every employee is not the same. Take the time upfront to get to know the prospective VA. Most VA’s take the time to learn a little of everything in the hopes of being more in demand and resourceful for employers.

Myth#3 We are NOT EMPLOYEES!

Virtual Assistants are not your employees. Most virtual Assistants are business owners who subcontract to fellow business owners for the services they provide. I like to think of them as business partners. They have a stake in your business and want to do a good job for their reputation as well as yours. Hiring an Administrative Assistant would entail training an employee, Paying Benefits for the employee, and Overhead costs for seating the employee. Also even with training, there may be a disconnect with an Administrative Assistant skills that a Virtual Assistant would offer.

Myth #4 VA’s are Expensive

This is usually a conversation from a person who hasn’t yet realized the value that a Virtual Assistant will bring to the table. In this type of conversation you have to stand your ground, you have set your prices for whatever reasons were important to you and you must not waiver. Instead ask them how much time are you going to return to their day, how much is that worth? Being able to leave work to attend an event with you family, being present, how much is that worth? Again, I may seem expensive but look at how you are saving on employment taxes, software, supplies, training, benefits, and overhead.

Most Virtual Assistants use a formula to get a rate that they charge, it includes their experience, type of services, any demands/deadlines imposed on the services, and an occasional hassle factor. This is then either split into an Hourly Package or Retainer Package. Most VA’s prefer a Retainer Package that is paid upfront. It allows them to budget better for their expenses and take on additional clients if necessary. If you choose to negotiate that is your right but remember you get what you pay for.

Myth #5 Trust

This is one that whether you are an employer relationship or Virtual Assistant Relationship you have to deal with. Trust is the cornerstone of every working relationship, which is why its important to get to know your VA during the initial call. Some say there is a 80/20 rule when hiring, 80% Personality and 20% Skill set. The Idea behind that rule is that any who is committed and dedicated to your job will learn the learn the skills necessary, but someone whose values and personality are opposite of yours but have the skills will never productive.

Virtual Assistant, the Legend

To summarize, a Virtual Assistant is a professional to whom you entrust services that are paramount to the success of your business and to which they handle with the utmost care because of their stake in your business and their business reputation.

I hope this has cleared up some misconceptions regarding Virtual Assistants. You know have to take any steps necessary to ensure that your VA is not just any person but someone you can work well with for your business needs.

The next time you have a project or job that you think a VA can handle reach out and find the perfect one for you, even if that is not me. It will be money well spent in keeping your business moving.

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