To My First

You make me very proud to be your mother. I know that our relationship is not perfect, but I love that it’s strong and real.I love you, sweetheart.

My girl right here is 24 today, I can’t believe I have a daughter that old, won’t say grown because she is of the mindset that she has not grown up yet. So many firsts together, so many memories, but I can say this, I have one of the sweetest, kindest, big hearted human beings on the planet, and I did that. (With a little help from Carlton). That is one of the best things a mother could ask for, to know that they raised a person who is good. Now if we could get you to work on some things your momma wants for you, lol. 

I want to shield you from the bad experiences, but going through them is the only way you can learn the real meaning of living. I know that your heart is in the right place, and you will overcome them all. Just don’t forget you have me, cheering you on.

Happy 24th Birthday Briana Nichele

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