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Friday I got a bad, mean spirited, and untruthful review that hurt me to my core, I mean shook me. I was like how was I going to continue, type ish! I thought that this “Wonder Woman” didn’t know what she was doing after all and that made me question this business venture. Then as I was vague on my social media just saying that I was down, the calls started to come in to reinforce what I already knew, as my cousin

@TishKing says, “One Monkey don’t stop No Show”,

so after my weekend Pity Party, I am BACK!
So today, #MotivationalMonday is all about knowing when to get back up! So today I am moving forward, I may not have a client right now but I am taking the time to learn more so I can add more to my services, I am checking up on my new website, website is being revamped but hopefully will be up soon with my new pricing structure. I will have new social media branding coming soon as well, going to amp up my presence for followers and customers.
I know I am doing the right things because at work today, a co-worker commented on my LinkedIn Profile and mentioned that he was enjoying my comments and links. There is always going to be someone who wants to do the wrong thing, hurt your feelings, and take advantage, that is not the majority of people so just keep going.

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