How can I effectively budget when I have fluctuating expenses?
I am going from a set bi-weekly paycheck to a weekly paycheck with fluctuating benefits. So I have sat down and created a spreadsheet that I will review monthly based on projections and again quarterly to revise projections.  SEE SNAPSHOT
Planning Stages:

  • I have low overhead, since I currently live in subsidized housing, so allows me to maximize savings before move deadline, July 2016
  • I have no credit cards or credit card debt.
  • I have an income sensitive student loan payment.
  • I have signed up for Credit Karma to monitor my credit file for free until the time I need to aggressively take action, then I will use my Free Credit report, 1 from each repository each quarter
  • I have had the car I co-signed for refinanced, out of my name, so that no longer affects my debt to income ratio.
  • My car loan and furniture acct are scheduled to end but plan to pay off earlier at Tax time
  • I love to read so during the holiday sales, I got 2 year subscriptions to all my favorite magazines for $5 each
  • Hopefully automating my fixed expenses will allow the aggressive savings plan to be a reality, but can fluctuate as needed

And so the journey begins shortly.

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