#TBT Class of John Marshall High 93

43 and counting….. (look at that Senior Picture tho, ain’t nothing changed since 17)
Never in a million years did I imagine the life I have now, I was supposed to be an Interior Designer in Atlanta, married, no kids. HA! HA! picture that!
Today, at 43, I have many layers to my life, being a 20 year Veteran Administrative Assistant, Being a Mom to 2 although 1 forgot herself, being a daughter to a particular mother, Starting a New Virtual Assistant Business, Being a Wife and all that entails, being a bad friend who is never available for drinks, being a bipolar advocate and sufferer, and whatever else life throws my way. At times, I balk under the weight but I don’t think anyone but me could do this with such panache and grace. I am classic, while staying low key hood and loving it all.

#IAM accomplished, loved, and still getting it all on my terms.

There are so many layers to the beauty of a rose…….

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