Smarty Pants……still

I was teased as a kid for being a smarty pants, didn’t bother me too much. I still consider myself a smarty pants because I am always trying to figure something out. But I am slowly learning that while my lifelong love of learning is a great characteristic to have,   “Whew” all the things I didn’t know when I got the whim to start this business is starting to catch up with me. I have all the experience to get by but honestly it seems daily something new to learn or get certified in. Did you know there was a certification to write resumes? Huh, so now I am regrouping. My focus is to educate myself on the new way of virtually supporting a customer rather than my current expertise of supporting them in person. I have become member of all the Administrative and Virtual Administrative organizations, so I have that wheelhouse of information backing me up to ensure I get the correct software, certifications, etc. I have a Barnes and Noble run to make to get some Resume Writing books that were suggested by the National Association. Resume writing is a great income too, I was actually quoted $300 to get my resume redone by a LinkedIn Resume Writer, but then I also found a more reasonable quote for $100 on Facebook. So the market is open to a range depending on certification. These are things that I think are being missed when setting up your niche of services, especially since no certifications were required for my business license, insurance, etc.
So my new revamped business model is to learn the various software to my level of proficiency, continue to read, take classes, go to networking events, and immerse myself in this new way of learning so that when I am ready how I want to be ready to take on customers I am more than proficient, efficient, and competent, and reliable.

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