Persistence is my middle name

kristopher-roller-188180-unsplash   Even when I’m drowning, I am still persistent in my drive to get what I want by any means necessary. I have been grappling with an emotionally charged issue for the last month and while I feel like everything is crumbling around me I know it’s actually not. But sometimes you just have those creeping doubts that you can’t have it all. That’s #Bipolar talking.
I can thank my Mom for keeping things going and staying in my corner while I start a business and move back home. I can thank my Kid, for keeping me moving when I want to let the bed swallow me up. I can thank my friends and co-workers for always appreciating my efforts to do an outstanding job to support them.
Now, that I have had my pity party, its time to party for real, beers on me to celebrate turning 43 on Monday and being is such a great position of reflection in life right now.

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