No Stigma in my vicinity #bipolar

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I am one of the many afflicated with Bipolar Disorder. Those with any mental disorder need understanding and encouragement not judgement and stigmas.
I recently had the pleasure of assisting an associate,  who until last week was unaware that I have Bipolar Disorder, he happened to notice my tattoo on my wrist. Upon further conversation as to why in the world I would tattoo the word “bipolar :): ” on my wrist he admitted that he himself had been diagnosed in 2006 but no one knew. He was afraid to discuss for fear that his friends and family would call him “CRAZY’.
I personally decided to be more open, and advocate because of my daughter. She deserves to have a life, not be treated as if she is less than because of something that is a part of her, not her WHOLE. I have been blessed to be able to have a full time job I love, where they are aware and supportive of my disorder. My daughter has also learned to advocate for herself and make friends and associates aware. All these little things, eventually add up and mental health disorders will not have a stigma where people feel the need to hide in fear and suffer, but live out loud and get the support they sometimes needs.
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