My Worst Client? It’s Me!

I am loving being a business owner, hard work has never deterred me any. But lately the long days at my 9-5 as well as the long nights creating content, working on marketing, taking classes, and engaging with groups of similar nature, are starting to take its toll on me. Being a business owner is not what I imagine but I am sure to get there one day. Not having a tangible product to sell, selling yourself is a new concept for me as I am usually in the background getting things done. Now I have to worry about headshots, going live, and reaching out to strangers to get business.

Light a Fire Under Myself

I recently read an article that said I wouldn’t allow excuses from a client or my children for that matter, so why am I allowing myself to give excuses? I can’t allow my lack to affect my business any further. I can’t allow my struggle to interfere with what I want. Everyone struggles.

I am making the investments to ensure my business can one day sustain my lifestyle and the lifestyle of my family.

So I have taken steps to rectify this problem in the future. I have booked a business coach who has this contagious energy and no nonsense style that is sure to keep me on my toes and moving in the direction to make my business more visually present in my market. I have found a great Facebook Group of “Sisters” who actually mirror what I want thus making me want to do better and be a better business owner.

No more excuses, I have elevated myself to VIP Status and my business will thank me later.


What struggles are you facing in your business ownership? A Virtual Assistant can offer some relief with those pain points. Let’s Chat about how you can delegate some of those tasks to Mrs. Whittaker-Woody V A Services.


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