My VA Dream

I am bootstrapping this dream over hear, I have been in business since January and literally put aside $200 a week towards my business. That $200 holds me accountable each week with what I can and can’t do in this business. I chose this way because I wanted to do this on my own terms not the terms of a loan officer or someone who wanted to invest but wanted to run my business. It keeps me in check and keeps it real for me.

This way of doing this has worked for me so far, I have been able to buy courses, pay for software, pay for my marketing materials, buy a new business ready All In One, pay for my licenses, join applicable groups, and I have been able to budget for a business couch to further enhance my services and offerings as a business owner. I have Wave and QuickBooks on deck to keep everything organized for the Tax man next January.

All while waiting for my time to shine, gaining clients and doing what I love to do which is helping people do what they love.

I stopped dreaming and started building my dreams with prayer and dedication as my partner. I have a support system in place both at home and online. I am moving at a pace that is great for me at this point, hoping to start my clientele by January of 2019.

What are you dreaming of? Are you bootstrapping or have you wrote up your business plan and applied for finances? Tell Me about your journey to business ownership.

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