MS Outlook Inbox Management–How To

“The average person gets 121 emails daily”

How to De-clutter/Manage your E-Mail Inbox Setup



  1. Using Rules Clear out Some of the Emails.


I have 678 emails in my Work In Box.

There are several outdated lists that I am on so I am going to create a rule to move those messages from my inbox to a folder called Unsubscribe. This allows my inbox to automate itself but allows me to erase the messages at my pace. Currently applying a policy to remove all contents after 90 days.

For Example, All Messages from Sherry are sorted and then I hit the Rules Option to “always move messages from Sherry” to the “Unsubcribe Folder” I created in my In Box.


Then run the rule on the In Box to ensure you have all the emails with that criteria.


2. Categorize Emails based on colors

I have my supervisors emails color coded to stand out from my other emails.

3. Un-Subscribe from any Lists you are on and don’t need

There is usually a prompt on the bottom of the email for those wishing to unsubscribe, it usually verifies your email like this:


 4. Set Aside 20 minutes at the beginning and end of day to address emails

5. Have a separate email address for Social Media, Newsletters, and Sales to keep your main email box organized


After using the above referenced tactics I only had 474 emails left.




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