Monday Motivation–Tidy Desk

Today’s Monday Motivation from Office Dynamics was on keeping a tidy desk which would then encourage better productivity. Above is a snapshot of my current work desk, not my VA Desk at home. I find that my work desk can get very untidy very quickly when I am focused on getting my work done. But I do have a to do list, which has as a permanent line item to have inbox zero, as well as to organize my desk, so that will be something that I take care of before leaving today.
How to get organized, per the article you want to limit personal items, like photos and collectibles. As you can see my backdrop is where I keep my personal photos and things given to me like awards, cards, gifts. I think my awards and cards given by my work family should go on my desk as appreciation for receiving them. So that is up to you, I keep this little space just for me to remind me of Why!

I also agree with clustering like items as the article reminds,¬†together, like my tape dispenser, stapler, pen/pencil holder, etc.¬† I could do better to love the round file, the Trash Can, I have outdated material that could be updated and posted or trashed. I personally don’t keep snacks at my desk so there is none of that but if I were to keep snacks, I would keep them in my cabinet, away from viewing eyes. And I am a great proponent of keeping your Email clean and organized. I have folders and rules for my folders to keep me organized.

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