Mindset is a must

Don’t tell me how talented you are, Tell me how hard you work


Today is my daughter’s 24th birthday, and on this day, Positive Thinking Day, I think on how positively blessed I am.

To have my daughter reach such a milestone, to be starting something I love, to have been stable for the last 6 years, to have a job I love, a support system that is out of this world. I am just beyond blessed. Starting this business was a fly by the seat of my pants idea, but I am actually doing it. I believed therefore I achieved.

I am talented, no joke, actually talented in a lot of areas. I am fortunate that my talents have always led me in a good direction and blessed me to always move onward and upward. I have several abilities that allow me to follow the path I am on. My ability to be creative, honest, and thoughtful allow me to consistently make strides in this journey I am on. In the past nine months:

  • I have been recognized in my professional career
  • I started my business.
  • I revived this blog.
  • Learned how to use a graphics software. 
  • Gained a closer relationship with my mom
  • Found some Sisters

Life is good. Mindset is everything.

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