Guest Blogger in honor of my 43rd B-Day: The Infamous Amia Whittaker-Lane (Daughter #2)


This weeks blog post will be written by my youngest daughter Amia Whittaker-Lane in honor of my 43rd birthday. As you can see, we love to hang out and take lots of pictures. This girl has been the hardest and most fulfilling to parent, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am proud of the adult she is becoming.

forty three years ago today the amazing individual i call my mother was brought into the world, who knew I’d be one of the luckiest children to receive her as a parent, as i was growing up and as i continue too we always have been so close and that’s one of the things i love about our relationship, my mom as you guise know as Nakia or Dawn is truly an amazing person I’m extremely proud that with all that courage and pride she has she took it and opened a business doing something she loves to do and happens to also do on a regular basis Administrative work for others, you’ve taught me the majority of your wisdom and i enjoy the fact i can go and share what I’ve learned with others, your a fun person to be around, you go out of your way for other people, you happen to give great advice, you brighten up a dim room with that big ole nice smile “pearly whites”. Happy Birthday to you i hope this day is filled with nothing but laughter and joy.

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