This has been my favorite word this week. I found myself using it more than ever and even getting other people to use it. I was in a mood all week, no particular reason but it was definitely there, the filter was gone too. My filter is what I call my intention to always be a good person, when the filter is gone, what out for Dawn, because she will tell it straight no chaser!
I isolated myself so as not to have to apologize later, some people like to do that, I hate when someone does something then apologizes, there is no apology when it was intended. So was unplugged, no social media, no phone, and only interacted if necessary.
So on Friday, phone goes missing, I am 99.9% sure of its location but after several prompts I let it go. So why now does my phone say I walked my allotted 10000 steps yesterday, I am getting random text messages, and I have no log from yesterday when I know I called myself twice. Still I am met with attitude and lies when all I want is for her to take responsibility for her actions. Is that too much, I think not when you have every comfort known to man and still on punishment.
How do I get her to get it???

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