#TBT Class of John Marshall High 93

43 and counting..... (look at that Senior Picture tho, ain't nothing changed since 17) Never in a million years did I imagine the life I have now, I was supposed to be an Interior Designer in Atlanta, married, no kids. HA! HA! picture that! Today, at 43, I have many layers to my life, being … Continue reading #TBT Class of John Marshall High 93

#ThrowbackThursday: Roots

I chose to post this pic for #ThrowbackThursday because this week their Alma Mater, Armstrong High is hosting a combined reunion and this photo was taken at the 1974 Armstrong Prom. My parents married on February 28, 1975 too so since no February Thursday next week, I'm dropping this here. These two people instilled a … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday: Roots


So today the talk at work was my issue with Amia, in today's environment are our children too ENTITLED? My husband and I constantly disagree, since I have forsaken all to give my children a great childhood, because I was spoiled. My parents were married, my dad in the military and my mom didn't work … Continue reading Entitlement