#TBT Class of John Marshall High 93

43 and counting..... (look at that Senior Picture tho, ain't nothing changed since 17) Never in a million years did I imagine the life I have now, I was supposed to be an Interior Designer in Atlanta, married, no kids. HA! HA! picture that! Today, at 43, I have many layers to my life, being … Continue reading #TBT Class of John Marshall High 93

Persistence is my middle name

   Even when I'm drowning, I am still persistent in my drive to get what I want by any means necessary. I have been grappling with an emotionally charged issue for the last month and while I feel like everything is crumbling around me I know it's actually not. But sometimes you just have those creeping … Continue reading Persistence is my middle name

#MondayMotivation: Just Keep Going

"Don't Quit, Keep Walking, Keep Trying, There is Help and Happiness Ahead.....Lots of It!"                                                                                                               Jeffery R. Holland I haven't booked a client in a while, is this worth it? Can I really do this? Can I afford to TRY? Am I enough to do this? With Bipolar, your mind is always racing telling you little … Continue reading #MondayMotivation: Just Keep Going

#ThrowbackThursday: Keep Calm and Carry On

Looky Looky here, this was my ideal weight, size 14 on my terms no diet nothing, I was super excited and proud. My current goal is to get back there, right now in a 16 due to my medication for bipolar. I am eating everything I can get my hands on, no joke. But I … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday: Keep Calm and Carry On

1 in 3 on Disability Have Mental Disorder; 42.9% in D.C. | CNS News

Very interesting statistic, it was just being recognized as a disability when I applied for my daughter. The key to my expedited service was preparation. I requested a copy of every document when we received services so when I submitted application they rarely need to wait for paperwork. I had copies made into a binder, … Continue reading 1 in 3 on Disability Have Mental Disorder; 42.9% in D.C. | CNS News